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World Diabetes Day

Inception Frederick Banting was a Canadian surgeon who dedicated his life to the field of medicine. His devotion to medicine was kindled by the loss of his closest friend to type 1 Diabetes. One of the deadliest diseases of the time. His contributions were recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923. …

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Sleeping Matter(es)s!

For most of us, a mattress is not something we think about very often. The best-case scenario is that we take time exploring options on our visit to the home care centre. And choose the one that feels the best during the few moments that we spend there. However, much like everything else mattresses too …

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Image shows red stain being removed by white substance

Treating Pressure Ulcers

Prevention is better than cure and we realized on our last feature that it was all the more true when it came to pressure ulcers due to the massive opportunity costs involved for the healthcare segment. Having said that, we cannot ignore the reality that a vast majority of patients still contract pressure sores. The …

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Image of an over ripe apple turning redish

What are Pressure Ulcers?

We all crack under pressure- our skin and its underlying tissue are no different and such injuries arising from prolonged pressure on them are called pressure ulcers. Though theoretically everyone can be affected- practically we know that there are some who crack under pressure more quickly than others. Similarly, there are some people who are …

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    Positioning that stimulate and support breathing Wokring together with caregivers to eliminate pressure ulcers remains an ongiong work carried out on several levels. One way of working towards this vision is to promote the general health of bedridden patients, by positioning with pillows in a lying position. This is done in order to …

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Refresh your skill set this fall

“Many people do not know that redness of the skin is classified as a pressure ulcer” – Knowledge is extremely important. That’s why education is needed, says Anne Lindeborg, nurse and education nurse at Care of Sweden.  Although almost all pressure ulcers can be prevented, the danger of pressure ulcers is still great. According to …

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