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Awareness campaign on World Stop Pressure Ulcer day 2020

Do you know that Pressure Ulcer is one of the leading causes of death in the world today if not treated properly?

First of all, let us see what is a Pressure Ulcer? Pressure Ulcer is nothing but an injury to the skin due to the prolonged exposure and due to the bony prominence within the body. That implies at whatever point our body is presented to a steady low strain to the bonny noticeable quality regions like the Elbows, the shoulder plates, the Tailbones and the Heels etc these are where generally the pressure ulcers occur.

Even a constant low pressure can lead to pressure injuries or a short term high pressure can cause skin injuries in an operating theatre table. So, we need to be aware that pressure ulcer once developed is very difficult to heal. If, not treated properly, this can cause the continues problem to the skin, which leads to multiple problems within the skin and tissue damage.

As we know, people with limited mobility, and people with long term disability or long term problem would eventually end up having pressure sores. Because when we are bed ridden we take to develop pressure ulcers at particular points and our blood flow is reduced due to a blockage in the circulation, as you all know blood circulation is very important for the healthy tissues as it carries all the vital nutrients like oxygen, nutrients to the tissues and if it is not supplied properly this tissue will eventually damage and it would die.

We would like to prevent this one by doing or by taking steps which are easy but it is very effective. I remember proverb “Prevention is better than cure”, which is more apt in a situation with pressure ulcer than anything else. We can prevent pressure ulcers if it takes the right steps and have full knowledge about how it happens and how we can stop it. That is important to remember that pressure ulcers are preventable and the measures are simple. But knowing them and addressing them early is the key. OK, how do we know that there is a pressure ulcer   when someone lies in a long term on a surface, and if he sees red patches on surface on the skin then we know that he is developing pressure ulcers.  If he is a white skin guy, he will have red patches skin if it is slightly darker or tan person he would have purple or blue patchy skin  otherwise we also know if the tissue is soft or hard or spongy and it is warmer than there is an infection and possibility of pressure ulcers.

With the indications we can identify and we can start treating them and if properly treated pressure ulcers can be handled easily and it would not lead to skin detonation, and further complication with this one I would like to conclude that we all should know about pressure ulcers and prevent them early so that it doesn’t lead to a bigger problem.

How Care of Sweden India’s vision prevents pressure ulcer injury?

Care of Sweden India work with a mission called” Supporting Life”, that is supporting the life of our fellow citizens with world class products, delighted service and affordable pricing

Care of Sweden India team members work with passion and commitment to fulfil our social responsibility and to catalyse our vision which is “India without pressure ulcer”

As we all know pressure ulcer or pressure injury or bed sore which is the third most expensive decease in the world if we look into broader perspective mainly due to the of the consumption time, effort, money and uneasiness of both care takers and patients.

Pressure ulcer issue is addressed in our country, but we think it’s not been addressed properly. This is mainly because of lack of awareness and education. To address the pressure ulcer issue we need to have   vigilant care, effort and patience. Best way to address is to prevent.

Care of Sweden India focus mainly on providing awareness and education to our fellow citizens to get out from this complicated issue. We Support the affected one to implement the comprehensive care plan by providing knowledge and information with our expertise and our experience in handling pressure ulcer. We provide proactive information to the people who may or might affect with the pressure ulcer.

As a proud member of Care of Sweden India  team, on this day November 19th  “world pressure ulcer day” we are happy to announce that we will be there with the people who got affected, who may affect pressure ulcer, pressure injury or bed sore and we will be there with the care takers also.