Handling Medical Devices in a Pandemic

Handling medical devices in a pandemic  

Our Response to COVID-19

Corona Virus outbreak across the world has caused big problems for hospitals and healthcare providers. It has created a huge surge of patients which needs to be treated with advanced care and highly protective environment. As the disease is highly contagious it is very important for Healthcare facilities to offer services which will contain the spread of disease at the same time offer comfort for patients.

Care of Sweden India is offering its highly innovative products which support the patents who are susceptible to tissue damage during their stay at the hospital. We ensured all our products are available to order and also ensured all products are delivered on time whenever they needed. Mattresses that care and cure pressure injuries act as a catalyst to speed up treatment and protect the patients from pressure ulcers.

Care of Sweden is also offering highly effective disinfectant “LifeClean” in India to fight the Pandemic. The patented Swedish technology is based on highly effective Chlorine-di-Oxide on a water base which offers elimination of all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.

Etac AB offers its wide range of assistive devices help patients across the spectrum in their hygiene, shower and toileting needs. ETAC patient handling offers a wide range of products for safely and efficiently transferring patients from bed to bed or bed to bathroom.

Serving the community in these difficult times is the prime motto for CSI to offer its services across India.