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Life Clean Disinfectant

  • Broad microbiocidal effect – LifeClean is clinically proven to have a broad microbiocidal effect.
  • Full effect within 2 minutes – The extremely short duration of action accommodates the user’s work.
  • Less harmful to the environment – LifeClean’s formula makes the product less harmful to human beings and the environment. SP Technical ResearchInstituteof Swedenhasdonethetestsand showed that LifeClean’s products are well below the international requirement for working environment emission.
  • Less smell – LifeClean has a mild smell and is not normally difficult to use in the working environment.
  • Ready to be used – LifeClean is premixed and ready to be used directly from the bottle. This ensures that the solution always have the right concentration and is easier to use.

LifeClean Disinfectant is a surface disinfectant with a wide application area. The product is approved by EN-standards for bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, mycobacteria, e.g., TB, spores, e.g., Clostridium difficile and Bacillus subtilis and multi-resistant bacteria.

LifeClean’s products show a total effect against these microbes. Scientific studies have been done by hygiene physician Torbjörn Norén at Örebro University hospital. These studies show that LifeClean has great sporicidal annihilation.

Technical data

Preparation – Ready to use directly from the bottle

Ingredients – ClO2

Color and form – Light yellowish aqueous solution

Smell – Mild Smell

Cleaning Effect – Good

Risk of fire – The product is not flammable

Shelf life and Storage – Effective for 9 months, 12 months refrigerated. Store in the original carton, cool and not exposed to direct sunlight. The opened bottle is effective for 4 weeks from opening day.

Hazardous symbols – None. The product is not classified as dangerous according to 1272/2008 and 1999/45/EG

Content – ClO 2 Nominal 200 ppm


Lifeclean Brochure