BCOS Healthcare

Who We Are

BCOS Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

BCOS Healthcare is promoted by the directors of Bridgeway Holdings, which has established itself in India as the leaders in Automobile distribution, Education and Healthcare in association with Care of Sweden AB, Sweden.

Bridgeway Holdings has charted on its journey of formidable growth and consistent innovation ever since the beginning of the organisation. We may have started on a modest scale but our ambition was anything but that. Every milestone that we cross successfully, compels us to raise the bar every time. This has enabled us to leverage our key competencies to capitalise emerging opportunities in the regions buoyant economy. The Group embraced a fundamental credo of expansion of scale and diversification of core domains.

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Bridgeway Medical Systems, which is a JV partner of COS in India and a fully functional medical device distribution company with a distribution network across India and Middle East. With more than 20 years’ experience in the Medical Device distribution, BMS brings in its expertise in supply chain management and logistics to offer solutions to the highly diversified Indian subcontinent. Bridgeway’s products are widely used in surgery, intensive care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and home care.

We are an Indo-Swedish joint venture company started in the year 2015 to serve the Indian subcontinent with high quality medical devices. Care of Sweden AB, located in Tranemo, Sweden is the Swedish joint venture partner who provides us the knowledge and technology in developing innovative medical devices in India.

Care of Sweden AB with its roots in Sweden, main office in Tranemo and business on a global scale is equipped with knowledge and insight from health and medical care around the world. We are proud to be able share our knowledge, so that more pressure ulcers can be prevented and that more care units can achieve good results.

We exist to offer state-of-the-art medical devices which will improve the quality life for the Indian public. We exist to offer cost effective yet innovative products which will help people with disabilities and senior citizens. We exist to improve the quality of life for people of determination by offering world class products.

100% Swedish owned

100 employees

35 countries

Care of Sweden is a member of the industry organization for medical technnology in Sweden – Swedish Medtech. We are also a proud sponsor of and participate actively in EPUAP – European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

We are certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

Board of Directors

Magnus Högberg


Jaber Abdhul Wahab


Hameed P V


Ashraf Thayyil


Research and Development

Care of Sweden Healthcare invests largely in Research and Development to create innovative products which will be designed and produced according to Indian conditions. The local knowledge and Swedish technology bring in new ideas which will help reduce the cost and offer world leading solutions in India.